John Comaish Advertising Services Ltd.
Outdoor Advertising Specialists
Through high level monitoring and employee engagement we strive to deliver the exceptional service our clients deserve.
Working since 1989 to create a powerful, effective advertising format.

Latest News

  1. Our electrical vans have had a makeover
    Our electrical vans have had a makeover
    Delighted with the recent makeover of our electrical team vans, thanks to COMPU-CUT Sign Company.
  2. Furthering our skillset
    Furthering our skillset
    Congratulations to Karen our MD who has just successfully qualified as a CIPD associate.
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Outdoor Media Specialists

We cover all forms of media installation across the UK, with three main depots based in the North West, Yorkshire and the North East.

Our qualified operatives are highly trained and through high level monitoring and employee engagement we can deliver the exceptional service our clients deserve.

The company

The company was established in 1989 by John and since then has developed and grown, with changes in regards to both the team and the formats we cover. Karen now heads the organisation alongside her two sisters and husband, with John and Beryl still playing a significant supporting role .

'Over 4,000 media changes in a fortnightly period'

'Planning and timely solutions result in faster turn arounds'

'Our employees are qualified in all aspects of the industry'

'Through shared thinking we aim to underpin our core values throughout all of our work '

Our Latest Campaigns

In conjunction with Russell Signs Ltd, we have recently worked with some of the major media owners in creating specialised advertising campaigns across the UK. 

Asda Christmas Campaign, December 2015

Marks and Spencer Christmas Campaign, December 2015

Aintree Bet 188 Campaign, April 2016

Uncharted 4 Campaign, May 2016

Robinsons Campaign - Wimbledon,  June 2016

We pride ourselves in providing an exceptional service to our clients from start to finish, and in doing so have formed many long standing relationships.

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Our Customers
Our customers are diverse from the large media owners forming over 90% of roadside media to small shop owners with a single advert.

We have customers within the football sector and also theatre, cinema and radio. Our main customers are the large outdoor media owners.

Commitment to our customers

Our customers come first and are entitled to a first class service from start to finish. 

We strive to provide this through personal accountability and a professional commitment through every step of their journey with us.​

We constantly strive to make improvements and your feedback is very important to us.
We welcome all feedback so if we have done something well please share that too.
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